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Confessional Statement of Purpose 


Our society has splintered under the weight of systemic oppression. Not a day goes by that we do not see evidence of the pain and suffering caused by the consequences of our country's unresolved past. For too long we have not done enough to bring justice to the truth that Black Lives Matter. We recognize all racism as a sin and commit to challenging unjust systems of power and access. 

The congregants of Lake Highlands Presbyterian Church of Dallas are resolute in our commitment to end racism.  We will actively work to learn the underlying and complex issues that have deprived Black communities, and other communities of color of hope, freedom and too often, life. For guidance, we will engage with leaders and organizations that have confronted these inequities longer than we have. We will look internally and consider intensely.

We will pray with humility and act decisively, clinging to the grace of God in Jesus Christ. We have long advocated for social justice. We will display the same faithfulness and commitment to racial justice, as we work to end racism and move toward reconciliation. 

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