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Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

At Lake Highlands Presbyterian Church, we believe in building relationships, fostering community, and demonstrating love through our actions. We are an inclusive and accepting church and are dedicated to providing our members with spiritual guidance and support, no matter their background or beliefs.

Through our weekly services and various outreach programs, we strive to offer a safe and welcoming environment for everyone to come together and grow in their faith. We invite you to join us and experience the joy of being part of our church family.

​Disciple-making happens both inside and outside the church. From within, we grow in both faith and action by living out our commitment to Christ.  We reach outside the church to those who may not yet know Christ, those who may not yet have a faith community, or to those who simply need Godly assistance.



LHPC was born in 1999 when three churches in the Lake Highlands/Casa Linda areas of Dallas (Colonial Presbyterian Church, Northminster Presbyterian Church, and Lake Park Cumberland Presbyterian Church) shared a vision to join together and form one community. We hold membership in two Presbyterian denominations: The Presbyterian Church U.S.A. (PC-USA) and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church (CPC).


In 1997, these congregations began to explore the concept of becoming one church. Combined, they had a cumulative history of over 200 years of ministry in East Dallas.


The vision was to have the three congregations unite as a single Presbyterian presence in Lake Highlands. The associated LHPC ministries would be greater than any that the three could do alone. After almost three years of exploration, study, and prayer, the three congregations merged.


The vision became a reality on January 17, 1999. As the result of the merger, Lake Highlands Presbyterian Church (CPC/PCUSA) was formed. Each of the three former congregations brought their special programs to Lake Highlands Presbyterian Church. Together we began the process of evolving into the single, stronger Presbyterian community, with the vision of providing a strong witness of God’s grace to the Lake Highlands community and beyond. 


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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