The constitutions of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church (USA) provide for the discretion of the session to carry out the work of the congregation, with the only constitutionally mandated committee being the Nominating Committee whereby church officers are presented to the congregation for their vote.          
In fulfilling their duties the committee will:
  • Propose to the session persons to be nominated to the session or other officers
  • Annually nominate to the session the Clerk and the Assistant Clerk of Session
  • Annually nominate to the session the Treasurer
  • Propose such other persons to fill positions as directed by the session
  The following schedule should guide the session nominating process in the election of annual classes:
JUNE               The Church Nominating committee solicits suggestions from the congregation and begins the                                process of suggesting nominees to the session            
AUG                 Nominees are examined by session and approved for nomination    
SEPT                Congregational election is held    
OCT-NOV        Officer training is held    
DEC                 Ordination and/or installation is held    
JAN                  New session members take office
Committee Chair: Kelly Toman; Luma Chenyi
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