The Missions and Outreach Committee works to undergird LHPC’s mission statement and purpose by putting into action the work of God through programs of local, national and international benevolences.           In fulfilling its mission, the committee:
  • Seeks to support the denominations’ mission programs
  • Seeks to keep the congregation informed on the results of denomination mission work
  • Seeks to involve as many of the congregation as possible
  • Seeks to provide opportunities for hands-on involvement as well as financial participation
  • Seeks to provide information on all of LHPC Mission Programs
  • Seeks to strengthen the church’s role as a partner in our community
  • Seeks to routinely review existing ministries and assess their effectiveness
  • Seeks to be open to new, effective ministries that need the support of LHPC
  • Seeks to better know and support those groups using our church facility
  • Seeks to partner with other faith groups in our community to strengthen our local efforts
2022 Committee Chair: Todd Plesko (Cindy Engel)
Meetings/Upcoming Events: Currently all meetings are held virtually. 
Questions or concerns? Email missions@lhpres.org
Please complete this form to contact the Missions and Outreach Committee: