Lake Highlands Presbyterian Church

Job Description – Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries

General Description:

This full-time position models the love of Jesus Christ through developing, implementing, and directing an effective ministry for encouraging and enabling the spiritual maturity in the lives of youth and children. Of particular importance for the one who holds this position will be spending time with those youth and children who have not publicly professed a belief in and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and those with questions about church membership. 


Job Functions:

  • Direct responsibility of the weekly and/or monthly programs for youth and children
  • Work with the ministers and Christian Education ministry chairperson to develop and initiate programs that teach the children of the Lake Highlands Presbyterian Church founding tenets of Christianity and progressing these teachings with the youth
  • Find and implement appropriate curriculum’s for the youth and children
  • Recruit and train volunteers to fill supporting roles in all activities of the Youth and Children’s Ministries
  • Be an active, but non-voting, member of the Christian Education Ministry, making monthly reports as needed
  • Be responsible for the safety of the children. Reporting equipment or harmful property damages to the Building and Grounds chairperson
  • Be present at worship services on Sunday morning (alternating services on Sundays is permissible)
  • Be prepared to do Spare Change Sermons during worship as needed
  • Be accessible for camps during the Summer and responsible for registration for youth and the children of the church
  • Develop appropriate service projects for the youth and children, which may include annual or bi-annual mission trips
  • Teach Sunday school classes as needed
  • Assist in Vacation Bible School or its equivalent
  • Report to the Senior Pastor (or Associate Pastor of Programs if possible)


Knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • Must love and relate to children well
  • Must possess a good understanding of a child’s faith and a child’s faith development process with the goal of helping the child to become a professing Christian and church member
  • Must be a good communicator with the parents of the children as well as the children
  • Must be able to use appropriate mediums of communication: texting, social media, email, letters, telephone, and face to face conversation
  • Computer literate – knowledge of the internet and Microsoft office is preferred
  • Must possess strong organizational and administrative skills



  • Must have experience in children’s Christian Education, elementary education, or child care development
  • Must have experience in youth ministry and programming


Additional Requirements

  • Adhere to the doctrine of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian Church U.S.A.
  • Self-motivated and be a team player
  • Must pass a background screening which includes criminal and drug testing
  • Present a monthly report to the church session including activities completed, challenges and concerns, and items for the annual church budget
  • Work under the supervision of the Senior Pastor (or Associate Pastor of Plans and Programs)


ACCOUNTABILITY:  The Director is employed by the Session and accountable to the Session through the Pastor as Head of Staff.  He/ She also works with the Christian Education Committee and may at any time address concerns to the Christian Education Committee or Personnel Committee, as appropriate.



  • Vacation to be determined
  • Salary is commiserate with experience
  • Annual Review of performance
  • Other benefits to be determined  
To apply, please submit resume to