Congregational Meeting Agenda

October 18, 2020

Call to Order

Opening Prayer


Purpose of this meeting

The Confession of Faith – Constitution 2.53 and 2.54

A congregational meeting of the members of a particular church shall be convened for the following purposes:

  1. To determine the type of tenure of office for elders and deacons;
  2. To nominate, elect, or accept the resignation of elders and deacons;
  3. To establish a quorum of the session or diaconate as less than a majority of the members;
  4. To recall an elder or deacon whose service is no longer acceptable to the church;
  5. Where state law or presbytery requires it, to authorize the sale and purchase of church property

A congregational meeting may be convened also to provide an opportunity for communication between the session and the congregation on other matters, but without the procedure of voting.


The Book of Order – G-1.0503

Business to be transacted at meetings of the congregation shall be limited to matters related to the following:

  1. Electing ruling elders, deacons, and trustees;
  2. Calling a pastor, co-pastor, or associate pastor;
  3. Changing existing pastoral relationships, by such means as reviewing the adequacy of and approving changes to the terms of call of the pastor or pastors, or requesting, consenting to, or declining to consent to dissolution;
  4. Buying, mortgaging, or selling real property;
  5. Requesting the presbytery to grant an exemption as permitted in this Constitution…;
  6. Approving a plan for the creation of a joint congregational witness, or amending or dissolving the joint congregational witness…;

Whenever permitted by civil law, both ecclesiastical and corporate business may be conducted at the same congregational meeting.


  1. Election of Session Class of 2023

 The election process:

  • Luma Chenyi, Jeff Higgins, Jim Koch, and John Wofford’s names are placed in nomination per the session
  • Other persons may be nominated from the floor
  • If more than four persons are nominated, the election will be done by ballot. The first four to receive more than fifty percent (50%) will be elected to the 2023 Session Class


  1. Possible Building Opportunity with Myler

            Mr. Jim Gilikin, President/COO