The intent of the congregational Care Committee is to be supportive in identifiable ways to provide members/member families reassurance and help in faithful service to our Lord.  In so doing, attempts are made to assist in various areas:
Communication:  Through a telephone committee and the Prayer Chain, members can learn of significant news and needs in the life of the church and be as involved as their conscience leads to be a part of the supportive network of faith.
Prayer Chain and Food Committee Groups:   Dedicated people in an organized fashion seek to provide supportive prayers on behalf of requested people/needs through the Prayer Chain while the Food Chain is made up of several different teams of people who willingly offer support with meal(s) in times of special circumstances such as illness, death in a family, etc.            
Ministry to Members with Special Needs:  A group of members attempts to offer friendship and support to those homebound, elderly and/or handicapped fellow members who find themselves unable to participate regularly in the life of the church through visitation, making provision for the service of communion when asked, telephone contact, sending cards, prayer, etc.
 Assimilation of New Members:   A group involved in seeing that all new members are “sponsored” in an effort to ensure that all become exposed to the many opportunities of participation in educational, worship, fellowship and service events and ongoing projects.
Oversight of the Elder Teams:  The Congregational Care Committee has been made responsible for the Elder Teams, providing support and assistance to the teams and assuring that they will have any help they may need in order to shepherd small groups of members.  The Elder Teams are comprised of three or four non-serving elders of the Presbyterian church at large.  The membership of each team will consist of between eight and twelve members.
Transportation: Through a special person, transportation arrangements can be made to assist members with rides to worship, medical appointments, etc. when needs warrant.           
In all of the above ways, the Congregational Care Committee strives to:
  • Provide nurture for church people and families
  • Provide nurture for nonmember families who identify with the church
  • Ensure the assimilation of new people
  • Prepare new member packets
  • Provide special care for people in time of need
2022 Committee Chair: Idara Ekong CoChair: Nancy Hager
Meetings: Currently all meetings are held vitrually.
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