The Christian Education Committee takes the nurturing of the faith through Christian Education as a serious challenge.  Studying the scriptures and scripture-related material help give the believer an insight into who God is and what God requires of us.  Studying, teaching, and learning are lifelong processes.  The Christian Education Committee provides a path to further teaching and learning about God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit to all age groups.          
Christian Education is responsible for finding teachers for the children’s classes, as well as planning the yearly Vacation Bible School.  The committee plans and provides a budget for curriculum and other activities that are Christian education related.
          The Christian Education Committee:
  • Provides for growth in the journey of faith
  • Recommends curriculum
  • Identifies and selects teachers
  • Provides teacher training
  • Provides learning opportunities
2022 Committee Chair: Terry Tosch
Meetings: Currently all meetings are being held virtually. 
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