Giving At-Risk Families the gift of time: after-school tutoring, mentoring, music, and play in a faith-filled environment.

Project GIFT is just one of the ways our Child Development Center and LHPC gives back to the Lake Highlands Community. Eligible children receive scholarships to participate in a highly ranked, certified after-school program. But Project GIFT is more than this!

We at LHPC believe that every child is a gift from God. Every child deserves to be nurtured and given the best care possible. We know many working parents cannot afford quality care for their children. Our goal is to make a life-changing impact upon children who would normally be home alone after school and who would not have enrichment opportunities.

Volunteers are here five days a week and have varied schedules. If you are interested in exploring volunteer opportunities with Project GIFT, please contact us!

If you cannot volunteer but wish to contribute to our scholarship fund, call the CDC office and we will assist you. All contributions are tax-deductible. 214-343-7103

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, contact our CDC Director, Ashley Beakey at 214-343-7103