Curriculum: The Exceed Curriculum is our chosen academic curriculum.  This curriculum helps teachers plan for daily experiences that meet the needs of a variety of temperaments and learning styles.  Because children learn most effectively in a play-oriented environment, each classroom provides a place that is developmentally appropriate for the age of the child.

Celebration Enrichment: As a true Ministry of the church, the children in the CDC have Chapel and weekly Choir.

Academic Enrichment Programs: Depending on the child's age additional Enrichment activities are included weekly at no additional charge, such as Music with Mr. Russell, Spanish Instruction, Computer lab, Physical Fitness and Bonding and Relaxation Therapy.

Leadership: LHPC and the CDC are committed to the highest possible standards for staff development and training for our teachers and care givers. Ashley Beakey - CDC Director, and Sondra Hamilton - CDC Assistant Director, work closely together to develop and encourage training for each teacher working with the children.

Parent Involvement: The key to the success of the CDC is parent involvement.  The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meets monthly to discuss ways to work together for the benefit of the children. Parents and Grandparents are encouraged to participate in their child's school experiences in several ways:  serving as room parents, helping teachers by preparing materials for classrooms, supporting the staff and teachers through teacher appreciation projects, and fund raising.  The CDC has an Open Door Policy.  Parents are encouraged to participate in the daily activities of their children.

Program Hours and Calendar: The Center is open year round, Monday through Friday, 7a.m. to 6p.m. with occasional Holiday observance.

Summer Camp: The summer camp session begins each year with the close of the Richardson Independent School District Spring semester. We are "breaking the bank" this year with our Summer Camps! The entire summer features nonstop weekly camps and activities, some of the most popular being Arts Camp, Sports Camp, Parks Camp and Adventure Camp. Every camp will offer learning enrichment activities and countless hours of adventure and fun.